2024 ARHE Policy Brief Award

We are excited to announce that the 2023 ARHE Policy Brief Award is now open for submissions. The aim of the award is to encourage and acknowledge the contributions of anthropologists by providing the humanistic side of policy recommendations for responding to health emergencies.


  • Teams, not just individuals, may apply, including teams fulfilling professional contracts or consultancies.
  • Instead of only accepting policy briefs in their traditional format, we will now accept written works, detailed or annotated PowerPoint presentations, or other works that contribute to the development of new legislation, policies, programs, or interventions using significant anthropological data and anthropological insights. This may include long-form editorials, news articles, or other public-facing publications that include recommendations or ways forward, as long as they draw on anthropological perspectives and methods.
  • Submission may be no more than 10,000 words in total
  • All health emergencies topics are accepted.
  • The work must explicitly discuss and integrate anthropological methods and insights.
  • The brief does not necessarily have to report on new data collected, but can also analyze existing data to make recommendations or ways forward.The work must make direct reference to specific policies, practices, programs, and/or interventions, and make explicit recommendations for ways forward from these, in addition to assessing and critiquing. In other words, this award recognizes applied and engaged work, not work that only makes critical or theoretical arguments.

Applications can be submitted at : https://forms.gle/W2ZXAuQM1XftKegr9