ARHE Submission Guidelines

We are interested in diverse anthropological perspectives on health emergencies, broadly defined, to include infectious disease epidemics and pandemics and short- or long-term health effects of natural disasters or humanitarian crises. 

We have three opportunities for guest authors: Blog Posts, Briefs, and, in some instances, longer articles could be considered.  Please submit abstracts, concept ideas, or themes to Deon Claiborne at Please use the subject heading: ARHE Submissions when you email.

Blog Posts

Blog posts are meant to engage a broader audience than anthropologists or public health professionals and are an opportunity to critical engage with current events, public health policies related to health emergencies, or with books, films, or art related to health emergencies.  This is also an opportunity to explain your research findings or methodologies for a more general audience.  Some other opportunities include:

  • Book or documentary review
  • Announce a webinar or other health emergencies related event
  • Present conference or panel summaries or reports
  • Do a photo essay or other multimedia presentation
  • Research or fieldwork reports
  • Other ideas are enthusiastically considered

Blog posts that reference online content need links to be supplied in text so that hyperlinks can be embedded.  Scholarly works that are not open source also need to have in text citations and a bibliography at the end. Where possible, open source, peer-reviewed articles are preferred so that readers who are not in academic or other institutions that have institutional access and readers from other countries can read them.


Briefs are short form reports or critical pieces that examine different aspects, effects, or lived experiences of epidemics and pandemics in humanitarian contexts.  We also welcome short introductions into one’s research or methodology as it pertains to health emergencies. View current examples of briefs here:

All briefs need in text citations in a consistent style and have a complete bibliography.  The current style for the American Anthropological Association is Chicago Style, which can be found here:

Long Form Articles

Long form articles or bibliographies around a particular health emergency theme will be considered.  Please contact Deon Claiborne at for further details.